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The Ashtabula County Humane Society operates within the largest county in the state of Ohio and has so for the last 100 years. We are dedicated to the education of the public for the proper and humane care of all animals, large and small, for the prevention of cruelty to all animals, and the punishment of any person or persons violating animal laws of the State of Ohio.


Happy Birthday to us! On November 14, 2013, the Ashtabula County Humane society was honored by the Western Reserve Historical Society for serving our community for over 100 years. Because of our incorporation in October of 1913,we became eligible for this honor. The event was held in the new addition of the Western Reserve Historical Society among the antique cars, airplanes, and beautiful restoration-in- progress carrousel from Euclid Park. How interesting to let the mind wander as you stroll through the vehicles that would have been used in the 1913 era to rescue animals in need. Chairman of the Board, Nancy Frazier, received a plaque from John Grabowski 100 year club steering committee member. Mr. Grabowski gave a brief over-view of our organization and many in the audience were surprised to hear that the ACHS was a volunteer only organization supported solely by the generosity of our sponsors and community supported fundraisers. What a great tribute to our faithful volunteers and loyal sponsors.

Elected Officers for 2013-2014

President - vacant
Vice President - Janet Barnett

Secretary - vacant
Treasurer - Tammy Meyers

Current Board Members
Pat Bryner, Nancy Frazier, Tammy Meyers,
Dr. Diane Veale DVM, Kim Walbridge


Go to the Animals tab and look at our Success Stories and read about Keystone who's adoption was feature in Equus and Horse & Rider magazines.


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